cloud consultation

Paving your path to a cloud-native future

Harnessing the future of cloud technology, as edge computing, microservices, and containerization reshape the digital horizon.
Cloud consulting emerges as a necessity for businesses at any size.
It’s not just about transitioning, it’s about strategically integrating and maximizing the cloud’s vast capabilities. Cloud computing offers unparalleled scalability and agility for business operations and needs. However, navigating its expansive ecosystem can be intricate.
Our cloud consulting bridges this gap, aligning your business to ensure robust data security and cost efficiency with the cloud’s dynamic evolution.

our cloud approach

Strategic Platform Alignment

Whether it's AWS, Azure, GCP, or other emergent platforms, we steer businesses to the solution that syncs with their aspirations and financial plans.

FinOps & Cloud Economics

Transitioning to the cloud is a start; optimising it - is the journey. With tools like CloudHealth and Cloudability, we ensure you extract maximum ROI, harmonising stellar performance with cost.

Our cloud approach

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Mastery

Recognizing the multifaceted cloud requirements of modern business, we advocate for hybrid and multi-cloud blueprints, ensuring adaptability and peak operational efficiency.

Seamless Cloud Migration & Integration

Leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Terraform, we ensure a fluid transition, from data migrations to app integrations, always prioritizing operational continuity.

Fortified Security & Advanced Networking

Utilising security guardrails and controls like Zero Trust architecture we bolster your cloud stance, guaranteeing data sanctity and seamless connectivity.

Transforming your cloud aspirations into reality with expert consulting services. Elevate your business to new heights and become effortlessly cloud-native with us by your side

cloud migration

Secure, Swift, Simple Cloud Migration

Cloud Projects and Migration are more than just buzzwords. They’re the foundation for businesses seeking agility, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. Dive into the world of Personalized Cloud Solutions, Sustainable Cloud Innovations and the transformative Service Mesh Architectures. Transitioning to the cloud isn’t just about moving data. It’s a strategic evolution. Harness the power of Cloud-Native Ecosystems, Microservices Dynamics and the efficiency of Containerization to reshape your business operations for the modern era. Our experienced project managers, armed with the latest trends and tools, guarantee a migration experience that’s smooth, secure and perfectly aligned with your aspirations.

our tailored cloud journey

let's deep dive

  • Initiation: We start by understanding your current IT landscape, identifying potential roadblocks and syncing with your vision.
  • Future-Ready Planning: With a detailed migration blueprint in hand, we ensure every step aligns with your business ambitions and pace.
  • Always Alert: With SIEM systems at the helm, we offer real-time monitoring, ensuring threats are always detected.
  • Empower & Elevate: After the migration, we’re not done. We offer training, ensuring your team is cloud-ready and proficient.

your business in mind

From start to finish, we are here to guide and support you until the successful completion of your projects. Your needs, plans, budget, and pace are always our first priority.

We understand the importance of your business and are committed to providing you with exceptional support throughout the entire process. Our team offers expert guidance and assistance, Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively.

From the initial stages to the final delivery.

security at the forefront

Every business is a unique entity with its own challenges and goals. We get that. That’s why we emphasise a robust security architecture, integrating the best of cloud security models, SCPs, and a comprehensive guidance system tailored to your timeline, budget, and objectives.

Let EfficienIT’s project management take the lead, lifting the burden and ensuring a seamless cloud migration.

cloud security

Cloud Security, EfficienIT Style

Cloud Security is more than just a technical framework; it’s the backbone of digital trust.
As businesses embrace the Decentralised Cloud, Containerization and Service Mesh, the need to protect PII, virtualized IP, data, applications, and the entire cloud infrastructure becomes paramount. With the rise of Zero Trust Architectures and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), the landscape of cloud security is evolving rapidly. The cloud offers unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and cost savings. Yet, it brings forth challenges like data breaches, control loss, and vulnerabilities in application interfaces.

Our team, equipped with a modern knowledge base and experience, is dedicated to fortifying your cloud ecosystem. We delve deep into understanding the unique challenges and requirements of businesses, ensuring a secure and compliant cloud journey.

Our pledge to Cloud Security

Comprehensive Security Assessment

Leveraging Predictive Analytics, Cloud Security Risk Assessment, and SIEM Systems, we evaluate the current cloud security posture, and applications security posture identifying vulnerabilities.

Customised Security Strategy & Design

In an era where Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) is gaining traction, we tailor cloud security strategies and designs that resonate with your business objectives. Our Security Architecture integrates the latest Cloud Security Models and SCPs for a holistic security approach.

Our pledge to Cloud Security

Cloud Threat Modeling

By anticipating potential threats and modelling cloud environments, we ensure proactive defence mechanisms are in place.

API Security

Recognizing the importance of secure communication and the rapid growth of API use in modern applications and web traffic, we emphasise API Security, ensuring that data exchange remains uncompromised.

Enhanced Security Posture

Our approach ensures a robust security posture, integrating Biometric Authentication, Behavioral Analytics, and Services Mesh for refined Identity and Access Management.

Our Cloud Security offerings

  • Data Protection & Encryption: Utilising advanced techniques like Data Masking, Tokenization, and data encryption we ensure data remains secure, complemented by robust backup and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Advanced IAM: Beyond traditional access controls, we integrate complex Authentication and authorization models and Behavioral Analytics to refine Identity and Access Management.
  • Network Defense: Embracing the SASE Framework, we merge network security with cloud access, deploying solutions like micro-segmentation to fortify network resilience.
  • Compliance & Governance: As Privacy-by-Design becomes a standard, we guide businesses in aligning their cloud operations with the latest regulatory standards, ensuring continuous compliance.

Beyond Boundaries, Above Clouds: Our Security, Your Confidence